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What's The Best Baseball Glove?

what's the best baseball glove? The answer is: a glove that works! What I mean by this is a glove that is formed perfectly, has quality leather that allows proper break in, good pocket, and good fit. 


Great fielding comes from from confidence and when your gear is right ihe player incorpoates that feeling into their brain. How many times have you had to use another players glove and you could think about out there was the glove, it's feel or flaws, just not the right feel. When everything is right a player wants the ball hit to them, but that's not the case when the player has equipment distractions.


The best baseball gloves I have ever used are the A2K ASO AND THE A2000 1787, Rawlings Pro XTC series wingtip, and the PROS17IC1.

The best gloves that I have ever seen for softball are the A2000 XXL and XXC produced in the 1980's. Not only were these perfectly formed gloves but they lasted 20 years holding up great. The original Rawlings Gold Glove black with white web priced in the 90's is one of the. The Rawlings Pro Preferred PROS17IC1 and the A2K ASO are two of the best gloves ever made.

The best gloves for less money are the original Rawlings Gold Gloves "GG" series. The Mizuno Mojo is another low cost glove that works great if you can find one.

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